10 Best Keto Cocktails That Are Low Carb

    Feeling sad that cocktails are not part of the package when it comes to a Keto diet?

    Fear not, whilst you may assume that cocktails will not be permitted on a low carb diet, the opposite is true.

    This means that you do not have to forgo those happy hour vibes which carry their own health benefits- social interactions are proven to increase wellbeing.

    Whilst alcohol may not have a great rep for its health-giving properties, keto cocktail creation can include the addition of many antioxidant-rich, beneficial ingredients, providing another health boost.

    Enjoyed in moderation, keto cocktails can provide you with an indulgent experience without any rule-breaking.

    Keto Cocktails

    So, what are the rules when it comes to keto cocktail consumption?

    Firstly, the type of alcohol is key.

    As you may already know, modern keto diets include a maximum of 30g daily carb allowance, and we do not want to blow that all on a cocktail, however delicious.

    Luckily, there are some low carb options that fit the bill.

    In particular, the ‘hard liquor’ options such as vodka, rum and gin have 0 carbs, making them an ideal option, providing that you mix them with keto appropriate ingredients and mixers.

    What to avoid…

    Unfortunately, a lot of premixed cocktail options do not align with keto principles; they are often laden with various sweet syrups and sugars.

    Similarly, whether or not your drink is truly a keto cocktail also hinges on the mixer and added ingredients.

    This means that most cola’s, sodas and juices are ruled out due to their high carb content.

    The advantage of this is that you get to be more creative with your concoctions you are also more likely to have a nutritionally superior drink too.

    1. Keto Bloody Mary Cocktail

    This love it or hate it tangy tomato base drink, is not only keto-friendly but also packs a nutritional punch, with its lycopene-rich tomato and fresh vitamin c rich lemon kick.

    This recipe will blow your mind- with simple modifications it has become a truly awesome keto cocktail.

    Make this delicious cocktail at I Breathe I’m Hungry

    2. Homemade Sugar-Free Coffee Liqueur

    Coffee and alcohol go together like a match made in heaven, and this concoction is no exception, coffee is antioxidant-rich and offers protection against a variety of chronic diseases including Alzheimer’s.

    This version is sugar-free, keto compliant, and just yum.

    Make this delicious cocktail at All Day I Dream About Food

    3. Keto Compliant Cosmopolitan

    The standard cosmopolitan, as tasty as it can be, usually contains a substantial quantity of added sugar.

    By combining zero carb vodka, with pure no added sugar juice in small quantities, this keto cocktail weighs in at only 1g carbs, allowing you to enjoy a glass (or two!) guilt-free.

    Make this delicious cocktail at Very Well Fit

    4. Vanilla Latte Martini

    This indulgent option is great as a dessert, or just a stand-alone treat, it may not have as many health-giving properties as the other options, but we must enjoy life, and enjoy this one you will!

    It is simple, with only three ingredients and only 3.6g carbs.

    Make this delicious cocktail at All Day I Dream About Food

    5. Keto Hot Buttered Rum Mix

    Something of a seasonal favorite, this cozy, warming blend combines spices, cream and vanilla for the ultimate comfort, without the carbs.

    Make this delicious cocktail at Peace Love and Low Carb

    6. Peach Long Island Iced Tea

    A Summery sip of sweet peach, without the sugar.

    By combining vodka with peach schnapps, the overall carb intake is at 3g- leaving plenty of space in your daily 30g allowance.

    Make this delicious cocktail at Lowcarb-ology

    7. Low Carb Red Sangria

    This combines polyphenol and resveratrol (both implicated in longevity) rich red wine with fruity citrus notes.

    Most importantly, however, it transports you to sunny Spain, without the usual carbohydrate hit.

    Make this delicious cocktail at Lowcarb-ology

    8. Sugar-Free Margherita

    You can’t really consider cocktails without this refreshing drink springing to mind.

    Sadly the usual variety can hold a staggering 24g of sugar, making it the very last thing to consume on a keto-friendly diet.

    Luckily, the original recipe has been modified to reduce the carb content to a much more acceptable 1g.

    Make this delicious cocktail at Wholesome Yum

    9. Tequila Lemonade

    An entirely sugar-free option, this 3 ingredient cocktail is refreshing and thirst-quenching in equal measure.

    Sparkling water replaces sugar-filled sodas and a keto syrup provides the sweetness without the sugar.

    Make this delicious cocktail at Fat for Weight Loss

    10. Wild Berry Mimosa

    This fruity mimosa is an alternative option during the festive season.

    During a time when carb counting is challenging, to say the least, you can rest assured that at least your cocktail is keto compliant.

    Make this delicious cocktail at Beauty and the Foodie

    Other Things To Consider

    Just because your cocktail may be keto, does not mean you should drink with free abandon.

    Not only is alcohol best enjoyed in moderation, when you are adhering to a keto diet, but you may also be particularly susceptible to reduced alcohol tolerance.

    This is because you don’t have the same glycogen stores as ‘normal folk’.

    Glycogen stores reduce the rate at which alcohol enters the bloodstream therefore if these are low you are more likely to feel drunk after a much smaller quantity.

    In addition, alcohol impacts the metabolic processes within the body, likely to result in increased fat storage, therefore if ketogenesis is part of a weight-loss protocol, this is not ideal.

    Finally, just remember that excess alcohol makes it harder to moderate your carb intake, whether it be via that tempting late-night take out or that morning-after brunch.

    Final Word

    All in all, keto cocktails are a great option as part of a balanced keto diet.

    They can be low or zero carb, often with additional nutritional benefits.

    They allow you to feel included in celebrations and social occasions which enables a more sustainable ketogenic lifestyle.

    There are recipes for every taste bud and every occasion, so rest assure you do not have to miss out.

    Cheers to that.


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    Julia Ebbens
    Julia Ebbens
    Julia Ebbens is a Registered Nutritionist and is now adding to her knowledge by completing an MSc in Nutritional Medicine. She has a strong interest in the relationship between gut health, mental health and immunity. She has worked with cancer patients via the national Maggies Centres and now works as a freelance Nutritionist and content writer for a variety of health and wellbeing companies.

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