Keto Diet Cheese: 7 Best Types To Eat

We've put together a list of the best low-carb keto types of cheese you can eat liberally because it's such a keto-friendly food!

If you love to eat cheese you’ll be glad to hear that it’s a large part of a keto diet menu and is one of the best keto-friendly foods.

However, there are some types that will knock you out of ketosis.

One of the real perks of the keto diet is that cheese is very much on the menu. On most other diets, it’s a food you most often avoid. So if you love to eat cheese, keto could be the right diet for you.

Before you go out and stock up on cheese, remember that not every single type of cheese is keto-friendly. There are lots of great options that you can enjoy, so what is the best cheese for keto?

Cheese is one of life’s pleasures and on a keto diet, it can make eating out easy too. For example, you can order a fantastic cheese board to enjoy for dessert (provided you check the types of cheese available are low in carbohydrates).

Love hamburgers? Make a keto burger by replacing the bun with lettuce, and make it even tastier by adding extra slices of melted cheese!

There are also so many varieties of cheese, strong cheese, soft cheese, creamy cheese, sweet cheese; there’s something for every palette. Additionally, cheese is sugar-free and generally low-carb. It also contains healthy fats crucial to keep you in ketosis.

Of course, if you have a sensitivity to dairy, you won’t be able to eat cow’s cheese (unless you know you can have it in limited quantities). But if not, and if you’re on Keto – read on to find out more about the types of cheese you can enjoy.

Additionally, you might like to check out some other keto friendly foods.

A Little Keto Cheese Advice

As a rule of thumb, try to opt for full-fat cheese where you can.

Also, avoid pre-packed bags of grated cheese (this is because lots of the packed shredded cheeses contain anti-caking agents, these add extra carbs) – better to grate your own cheese!

So, what kind of cheese is Keto?

Here’s our keto cheese list with the 7 best types you can eat liberally while on Keto:

1. Halloumi Cheese

Halloumi Keto Cheese

Cypriot Halloumi is a delicious semi-soft cheese that tastes great sizzling away on the BBQ or if it’s not BBQ weather, place a few slices under the grill.

Halloumi is perfect for summer al fresco eating or to add slices to a skewer of grilled chicken, it’s a fantastic keto-friendly option.

Alternatively, chop up grilled pieces of Halloumi and add to a salad, lightly dressed with balsamic it makes a filling lunchtime meal.

(Halloumi contains up to 1g of net carbs per ounce, 6g of protein and 7g of fat)

2. Paneer Cheese

Paneer Keto Cheese

This Indian cheese is perfect for when you want to enjoy Tandoori chicken or a Keto-friendly curry.

If you’re making a curry at home, you can use Paneer cheese to your heart’s content – try it with curried vegetables for a spicy difference!

(Paneer contains 1g of carbs, 6g of protein and 7g of fat per 2 ounces)

3. Gruyere Cheese

Gruyere Keto Cheese

This Swiss cheese is almost zero carbs so it is very keto-friendly.

Eat it with eggs or try it melted on top of a juicy burger, it’s also great for using in a cheese omelet or with any egg dish you like!

(Gruyere contains 0.1g of net carbs, 8.5g of protein and 9g of fat per ounce)

4. Brie Cheese

Brie Keto Cheese

This semi-soft French cheese is a fatty cheese that is absolutely delicious!

Eat it plain or melt it and drizzle it on almost any food you want, it is rich, creamy and satisfying, perfect to serve on a cheeseboard after dinner.

(Brie contains 0.1g of total carbs, 6g of protein and 8g of fat per ounce)

5. Cream Cheese

Cream Keto Cheese

This all-time favorite soft cheese is perfect for almost anything and it’s really great for Keto desserts – like cheesecake!

Try it served alongside smoked salmon for breakfast or wrap smoked salmon around cream cheese for a great savory snack or to make an impressive dinner party starter, decorate it with a little dill.

(Cream cheese contains 0.8g of total carbs, 1g of protein and 5g of fat per tablespoon)

6. Feta Cheese

Feta Keto Cheese

This Greek cheese favorite is ideal for summery salads; it’s semi-soft and as it’s made from goat’s milk.

As it’s gentler on the stomach it might suit you if you are sensitive to cow’s cheese.

Chop it up into cubes and scatter on top of a salad and serve alongside a grilled steak or with chicken breast.

Feta cheese is a delicious Keto-friendly option for weight loss.

(Feta contains 1.5 grams of carbs, 4g of protein and 6g of fat per 2 ounces)

7. Romano Cheese

Romano Keto Cheese

Similar to parmesan cheese, Italian Romano is a hard cheese that you can grate over meat or salads.

In fact, if you’re having a salad, adding Romano gives it extra flavor without ruining your Keto diet.

Romano is lower in carbs than Parmesan too, making it an altogether better option.

(Romano cheese contains 1g of carbs, 9g of protein and 7g of fat per 2 ounces)

Limit the Following Cheeses

On Keto, you can eat the above cheeses liberally but there are other cheeses that are also keto-friendly as long as you enjoy them in moderation.

The following cheeses are slightly higher in carbs so limit your intake but don’t rule them out entirely because they’re still suitable on occasion:

Labneh Cheese

This is an Arabian yogurt type cheese that has approximately 5 grams of carbs per serving (check the ingredients label as some Labneh varieties differ in their carb quantity).

It is a great cheese to enjoy with plain vegetables if you want to add extra flavor, or try drizzling it on top of a grilled burger – delicious!

Cottage Cheese

This is a low-fat cheese option but cottage cheese can be higher in carbs, (up to 5 or 6 grams of carbs per 4 ounces).

You can enjoy it with smoked salmon or as a light snack but don’t have it too often.

So there you have it, plenty of cheesy choices when you are on a Keto diet – and one of the reasons why Keto is such a popular choice for those wanting to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle without feeling hungry!

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